Health is a state of complete physical, mental, social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease (WHO).

    Children are exposed to various forms of disease as a result of their gradaually developing immune system.

    Common health challenge in under-fives which constitutes a great percentage to their morbidity and mortality include

    •  Acute Respiratory Tract Infection (e.g Pneumonia).

    •  Diarhoea,

    •  Malaria,

    •  HIV, and

    •  Malnutrition.

    Common symptons noticed in children could include cough, vomiting, eye or ear discharge, fever, flu, passage of loose stools etc

    Tips for keeping your child healthy:

    •  Regular and Prompt hospital visits for

    ◦  Well child clinic visit;

    ◦  Sick child clinic visit;

    ◦  Specialized visits (e.g eye check, ear check, dental clinic)

    •  Routine Immunization Practices

    •  Good Hygiene

    ◦  Teach children regular hand washing before meals and after playing, after using the toilet.

    ◦  Teach girl child to wipe from front to back to reduce the risk of urinary tract infection,

    ◦  Keep environment clean.

    ◦  Teach child not to touch eyes or poke nose.

    •  Avoid over crowding;

    •  Ensure good ventilation;

    •  Avoid passive inhalation of smoke.

    •  Good breastfeeding practices.

    •  Ensure balanced diet.

    •  Prompt use of Oral Rehydraytion Solution (ORS) or homemade Salt Sugar Solution (SSS) for cases of Diarrhoea or vomiting.

    •  Encourage good mental health, by

    ◦  Communicating with your child;

    ◦  Saying in contact with school teachers;

    ◦  Showing love to your child.

    •  Establish a sleeping schedule.

    •  Ensure study time.

    •  Encourage physcial activity

    •  Avoid bad practices eg

    ◦  Breastmilk on eyes.

    ◦  Urine in eyes.

    ◦  Drinking urine

    ◦  Applying cow dung on the head of newborns (around the soft portion – the anterior frontanelle).

    •  Avoid use of tooth paste or herbal mixtures on navel (umbilicus).

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