There are a number of things that you can do to try and maintain a healthy bladder. These include:

    Keeping a healthy fluid intake – Try to drink at least 1.5 – 2 litres (6-8 glasses) of fluid each day. When you are not drinking enough, the bladder gets used to holding smaller amounts of urine and can become sensitive

    Avoiding constipation and follow a healthy diet – When the bowel does not empty properly it will swell up and push down onto the bladder. You can help avoid constipation by following a healthy diet

    Practicing pelvic floor exercises- such as kegel

    Drinks that contain caffeine

    Fizzy drinks, especially those “Lite” or “Diet” types with artificial sweeteners like Aspartame or Saccharine

    Alcoholic drinks – especially heavy consumption.

    The acid in some fruit juices can make problems worse for some people

    Some medications

    Being overweight can also make your bladder problems worse. Extra weight may put pressure on the pelvic floor muscles which can become weak and may result in stress urinary incontinence.

    Drinking 1 or 2 glasses (250 to 600ml) of cranberry juice every day may help people who often get urine infections.

    People who are diabetic or taking warfarin should check with their doctor or continence advisor before drinking cranberry juice

    Keeping your urine on the slightly acid side is another good way of discouraging infections.Taking Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), in divided doses (totalling no more than 1000mg per day), works well

    Keep your catheter free of encrustation if you wear a permanent indwelling one

    Do not cut down on the amount that you drink: this makes your urine even more concentrated and is likely to make your bladder problems even worse.

    If you suspect something is wrong, talk with your doctor.

    Source: Bladder and bowel community.

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