Kidney stones are hard mineral deposits that form inside your kidneys. They cause excruciating pain when they pass through your urinary tract. Once you’ve had one kidney stone, you’re 50 percent more likely to get another within the next 10 years. There’s no one sure way to prevent kidney stones, especially if you have a

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    WHAT IS THE PROSTATE? The prostate is a part of the male reproductive system and is closely related to the urinary system. It produces and stores seminal fluid, a milky fluid that nourishes sperm. The testicles in addition to manufacturing sperm, also produce the male sex hormone called testosterone which controls the growth and function

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  • Day care snacks lacking in nutritional value

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  • Kidney Transplant

    Kidney Transplant

    Kidney Transplant:::Garki Hospital continues in its stride as a Hospital of choice in specialist healthcare by performing 19 kidney transplants. This makes Garki Hospital one of the leading Hospitals currently engaging in highly technological driven and specialized surgeries.

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