Endocrinology deals with the disease that are one to a disorder of hormones. Endocrine glands are special organs in the body that produce chemical agent called hormones necessary for various essential internal processes in the body.

These hormones can become disordered when the quantities produced are either too much or too little. Example of endocrine organs include the thyroid glands, pancreas, pituitary ovaries, testes adrenals and the inner lining of the intestine.

  • The most common disorders seen are the underproduction of the hormone insulin by the pancreas, over and under-production of thyroid hormones. the less common one are the disorder production of the pituitary gland inside the brain.
  • Therefore diabetes mellitus simply called diabetes is the most common endocrine disease seen in Nigeria and here in Garki Hospital Abuja
  • Next is overproductive of Thyroid hormones called Hyperthyroidism or thyrotoxicosis.
  • Under production of these thyroid hormones is also another life threatening endocrine disease called hypothyroidism.
  • Occassionally we see pituitary hormonal disorders live overproduction of protactin resulting in hyperprolactinaemia which may present as excessive breast milk production or as infertility.
  • Rrely we see growth hormone disorders in the form of under production in children or over production in adults.