• 05 APR 13

    Family Medicine

    The department of family medicine is in the frontline of offering services in many units/departments of the hospital due to its combination of skilled and experienced staff available for diverse care. It has the following categories of doctors working closely with non-medical doctors.

    • Consultants
    • Senior residents (Specialist registrars)
    • Residents
    • Medical Officers

    The scope of areas where the Family physicians function are many from hospital based (outpatient/inpatient care) and non-hospital based (home based/ community based care).

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    • Medical services:

      The Family physicians in GHA manage patients as out patients/inpatients.

    • Surgical services:

      The family physicians are available to offer surgeries for both general surgical and Obstetrics and Gynecologic clients within its scope of competence.

    • E-medicine

      Aspects of remote medicine/telemedicine is considered for advancement and development.

    • Procedures:

      Family physicians are available to do Diagnostic endoscopies and also arrange for therapeutic endoscopies when the need arises.


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