The Department of obstetrics and Gynaecology offer a broad spectrum of women’s health care. we have group of compassionate and experience physicians and nurse/mid-wife practitioners ready ready to provide personalized care to our clients and their family. The OBY/GYN ward at garki Hospital Abuja is a 25 bed unit, complete with 5 birthing beds, an in-house obstetrics operating room and diagnostic equipment including ultrasound and cardiotocograph. The Obstetrics services perform routine vaginal deliveries, Cesarean sections and help to manage complicated pregnancies. 

We provide doctors led antenatal care and delivery services. The department also provides specialized, round-the-clock care to pregnant women in emergency situations.

Obstetrics & Antenatal services

  • Preconception counselling
  • First Obstetrics visit
  • Antenatal care
  • Pregnancy event calculation

Other services includes

  • Normal & High Risk Pregnancy
  • Fetal Surveillance/Cardiotocography
  • Obstetrics Ultrasounds
  • Labour & Delivery with doctors in attendance

Obstetrics & Antenatal services contn.

  • Labour pain relief (Epidural)
  • Operative Deliveries
  • Postpartum Evaluation
  • Postnatal Clinic